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Brand : Unnathi

Permanent Marking

A solvent less Epoxy with silicon fillets for much mort abrasion resistant Marking for your heavy duty floors and commercial Parking areas. Marking can be stable till end of the floor life.

Rs.8200.00 +TAx
Technical Data
Maximum Operating Temperature, °C 90
Mixing Ratio By volume, (R : H) 2:1
Pot life at 30 °C , minutes 30
Full cure at 30 °C , hours 4-5
Coverage per coat per Ltr, 0.6
Film thickness per 2 coats, microns 1200
Volume of solids, % 100


  • Control room Floorings
  • Laboratory Floorings
  • Hospital clean room Floorings
  • Show room Floorings
  • Computer room Floorings
  • Bottling plant Floorings
  • Electronics production floors
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Godown / Warehouse Floorings
  • Garage / Car Parking Floors

Pack Size

  • 25 Kg.

Surface Preparation :

Undercut the marking area up to 0.5 to 1 mm . Clean the surface to remove any dust, unsound material, plaster, paint algae, oil etc.

Mixing :

Add entire contents (Resin + Hardener) of P-Marker and mix thoroughly for at least 3 minutes.

Application :

Apply mixed materials with metal patti / scraper. level the surface by silicon roller, for reflection - sprinkle the glass beads evenly to form a complete single layered blanket 20 minuets after application of p- Marker . Use 900 GMS of glass beads per ltr of P-Marker Remove excess glass beads pneumatically.